Our Team
Angel McKinley-Paige

Angel McKinley-Paige

Equity Transformation Specialist

As a Black woman, the responsibility to center my own racial consciousness and to lean into my journey of healing, evolution and growth is priority. I have been divinely led to this place to build new ways of knowing and facilitate others through the journey of heightened racial consciousness.

As a social justice champion whose dedication to advancing equity is not only my profession, but my calling, I am dedicated to empowering my community and dismantling systems of oppression. I have demonstrated this commitment through my more than sixteen year career in nonprofit leadership, working for mission-focused organizations, and leading program development to address disparities within under-resourced communities. In my previous roles as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for a large municipality and Community Engagement Specialist in the healthcare industry and education sector, I’ve developed and facilitated equity and belonging training and programs on a broad level. My philosophy is one of elevating historically excluded communities and continually striving to empower my community to live well, while also advocating for systemic change.

I hold a degree in Communication with a Specialization in Public and Nonprofit Management and am currently pursuing an advanced degree in Professional Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Social Justice Advocacy and Organizational Leadership.

I come to this work with gratitude, empathy and a vision of what can be accomplished when we courageously lean into our individual and collective work.