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Julia Berry

Julia Berry

Equity Transformation Specialist

I come to you from Dakota and Lakota land a.k.a. the Northside of Minneapolis and have lived here most of my life except for some years in Maryland and Oahu, Hawaii. My life as a daughter, sister, mother, provider, learner, educator and manifestation of the creator anchors my daily consciousness.

Aside from a lived experience with a vibrant presence of race, I received a B.A. in Communication Arts & Lit-5-12 from the College of St. Catherine, an M.A. in Special Education-EBD from the College of St. Thomas, and an Ed Specialist degree in Educational Administration from Minnesota State University-Mankato. These degrees have given me the ability to teach and then lead for equity in Intermediate District 287 and Eastern Carver County, MN before coming to Courageous Conversation®.

As a Black woman I intend to center healing, joy, liberation, relationships and love in every Courageous Conversation®. I see my work here as a journey of transformation into the unseen and perpetual unveiling of the vision of our ancestors. In this journey I hold honesty, vulnerability, and transparency as core approaches to re-conditioning myself and others away from supremacy, fear and apathy.

I gratefully receive and participate in sharing the power of the Courageous Conversation® Protocol. The Compass orients and grounds; it invites me to pause and redirect my sight into knowing self and holding empathy for others. The Four Agreements anchor me to a better version of an eternal relationship with self, with words, and with connection to our collective greatness. Lastly, the Conditions direct my inquiry path, and make clearer my journey to cycle back to ancient wisdom and away from the toxic and destructive delusion of race.