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Beyond Diversity 10-City Tour ‘18

What if we all simply paused for two days, as a total humanity, and each of us truly enhanced our will, skill, knowledge and capacity to understand the universal impact of race in our lives, and address the devastating impact of racism in our society…by doing so, would we not create a much better world for our children?

Glenn E. Singleton
Author, Courageous Conversations About Race, Second Edition (Corwin, 2015)


Throughout 2018, Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG), a 25-year old consulting firm, will continue to implement Phase I of its Campaign for National Racial Healing and Progress, the 10-City Tour. Expert trainers will facilitate Beyond Diversity (BD) training, introducing key city leaders from six community sectors – education, faith-based, healthcare, municipal government, non-government/community-based organizations, private sector – to Courageous Conversation About Race (CCAR).  For over two decades, more than 100,000 people worldwide have participated in Beyond Diversity. Their experiences enhanced their racial consciousness and developed their skill to discuss race, essential tools for designing and implementing a plan to de-institutionalize racism and eliminate systemic racial disparities present in public and private enterprise.

Because we believe in the healing and fortifying power of conversation, these gatherings will return to the original mode of learning and teaching – intergenerational discussion. Each host city carries a history of racial strife, with punctuated points marking the memories of Baby Boomers, Cusps, and Mature Millennials. Connecting what is common, while respecting the unique perspective of each group will be critical to healing each city’s social wounds.

With this diversity in place, with the powerful transformation of Courageous Conversation, with the urgency of now, we will all be better able to simply talk to each other – about what is wonderfully different about us, about what matters most to us, about what similarities truly binds us all together as citizens and human beings. Please join us and support the 10-City Tour.


The BD 10-City Tour launched in Baltimore in June 2017 and will be coming to a city near you!

Dates for other featured cities are currently being developed. Please check back soon for official tour dates.

Beyond Diversity 10-City Austin logo

January 16-17, 2018*


Beyond Diversity 10-City Chicago logo
Beyond Diversity 10-City Atlanta logo


April 16-17, 2018*

Beyond Diversity 10-City Farmington Hills logo
Beyond Diversity 10-City Los Angeles logo



Beyond Diversity 10-City New York City logo
Beyond Diversity 10-City Philadelphia logo



Beyond Diversity 10-City Portland logo
Beyond Diversity 10-City San Francisco logo



Beyond Diversity 10-City St. Louis logo

*Actual dates


City Leaders/Organizations and interested individuals can register and enroll in the BD 10–City Tour training in one of several ways:

  • Individual Participant Sponsorship: $595 (inclusive of training materials, meals and certification)
  • Sector Sponsorship: $15,000 (inclusive of 25 participant spaces and sector exclusive name recognition on all training collateral)
  • City Sponsorship: $70,000 (inclusive of 75 participant spaces and exclusive headline sponsorship recognition on all training collateral)
  • Project Phase I Sponsorship: $875,000 (inclusive of 75 participant spaces in each of the Phase I, 12 Cities, and exclusive headline sponsorship recognition on all training collateral for Entire Phase I Project)

Kevin Cartwright
Project Director, BD 10-City Tour
Pacific Educational Group, Inc.
(410) 971–2278

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