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Dr. Matthew Farry
+64 21 855 906

In March of 2016, in partnership with Pacific Educational Group, a new initiative to help students, higher education practitioners, corporations and community-based organizations better understand and harness racial diversity was launched at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Institute for Courageous Conversations about Race at Unitec (iCCAR), under the direction of Dr. Matthew Farry, brings together staff and students with industry and community partners to explore the question: “How can I be relevant and responsive in a racially diverse environment?”

Under the care, tutelage and support of PEG, Unitec has been using the Courageous Conversation Protocol to build its own capability for meeting the needs of its diverse student population. Chief Executive, Dr. Rick Ede, says there is no choice but for organizations to actively prepare for our multiracial future. The reality is that we’re now living in a super diverse city and we have to adapt.

The next step is to actively begin building inclusive and equitable learning opportunities and workplaces in schools, tertiary institutes, business, government and community organizations.

Here is a clip of PEG Founder Glenn Singleton being interviewed on Breakfast TV on New Zealand’s Race Relations Day.

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