8 Social Media Influencers On Racism, Identity, And Being Latino

By Veronica Lopez

In case you didn’t know, Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing. The month long celebration of Hispanic culture runs until October 15. One of the many topics of discussion you are sure to hear about this month is racism, both towards and within the Latino community. Unfortunately, this is still very much alive, and Latinos everywhere encounter it every day. These Latino social media stars have addressed their backgrounds on their platforms, and many themselves have encountered racism because of how they speak or look. Check out what they’ve had to say on the subject below.

1. MissLizHeart

“Stand your ground. What I mean by that is, nobody can make you feel inferior unless you let them.”

2. SunKiss Alba

The vlogger took to Tumblr to answer a question on racism and said, “The people who were racist towards me and my family were ignorant and I don’t think they knew any better. That’s probably how they were raised so they believe what they believe. I cannot say “white people” are the problem because not all white people think the same and I’ve witnessed this.”

3. Massy Arias

In a video on her YouTube channel, the fitness star talks about how adjusting to life in the United States put her in a deep depression. In an interview with Latina magazine, she said, “I remember reading Macbeth in a high school English class. My teacher told me to read it again because he didn’t understand anything I said. Then, pretty much every Latino in my class was laughing in my face. It was pretty tough having that sort of treatment from my own people.”

Read more at Vix.

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