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2024 National Summit for Courageous Conversation®

October 5-9, 2024In-Person Event

14th Annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation®

Learning To Be Free

Understanding the distinction between the right to learn and the “right” to an education is essential, especially for communities historically subjected to oppression. Education often reflects a power dynamic where the privilege to educate is granted by those in power. This not only benefits the giver but constrains the receiver, shaping their perceptions and actions within oppressive systems.

At the 14th Annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation®, we focus on “Learning, To Be Free,” emphasizing the need to redefine educational approaches for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We aim to transform our understanding of history, institutions, and the costs of system participation—empowering individuals to navigate and challenge these structures.

Join us in forging pathways to true liberation through learning. Your voice is needed to create a future where education empowers and emancipates.


October 5-9, 2024


Hilton Chicago
720 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

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