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Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?

On May 19, New York Magazine reported on Fieldston Lower School in New York City, which was performing an experiment with its 8-year-old students to teach a lesson about race. The school experiment was being done in the name of racial equity, offering a pioneering new curriculum designed to give its youngest students the tools they’d need to navigate their own futures. PEG Founder Glenn Singleton was featured in the story. “Singleton urges people to get excruciatingly personal about race, to recall their earliest memories of the moment when race became part of their story and their most recent encounter with race, and to expose to themselves about whatever biases or fears arise with those memories,” the story reported. “This is what he calls ‘the gift of humanity.’ Only then, he says, can people start the long, slow process of beginning to empathize with other people.”

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