Become a Systemic Partner

Systemic partner relationships with Courageous Conversation® typically include much of the following:

  1. Engaging, training and ongoing development of organizational leadership.
  2. Initial Beyond Diversity or equivalent virtual training with all levels of employees in the organization (usually multiple cohorts).
  3. Development and implementation of a systemic equity transformation plan (usually over six to 24 months).
  4. Also may include: group or role-specific training and development, affinity group/ERG support, stakeholder training (ex. boards, community, student or parent groups), other forms of coaching and consultation specific to the organization.

*Courageous Conversation® staff are contracted to provide all of the above.

After establishing a systemic commitment and partnership, our certification program can support our partners with implementation and efforts to sustain your strategic equity plan using certified internal personnel.

If your organization is interested in establishing a systemic partnership, please complete the form below.