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Using Familiar Designs, Political Signs Urge Voters to Remember Police Brutality Victims

By Doug Zanger—Oct. 7, 2020

Lawn signs are one of the most reliable and impactful staples of an election. Over the years in presidential elections, there have been some iconic designs that political junkies associate with specific candidates. In a new campaign, echoing one of the most crucial issues of our time, the names of those killed through police brutality replace politicians’ names.

The work, “Vote for Them,” from Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation (CCGF), reminds people that it’s not a vote for a candidate, but one for those who cannot vote due to the actions of the police.

Displayed in front of the White House and U.S. Capitol, several signs, with familiar designs, cut a striking image. Breonna Taylor’s lawn sign is a replica of Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ design is for George Floyd. Some other past campaigns include Stephon Clark replacing Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush from their 1984 campaign, and Philando Castile swapped for John McCain and Sarah Palin’s maligned 2008 run to the White House.

People can get their hands on the designs at to create their own signs to put in a lawn, paste on a window or post to social media.

“This is a campaign that causes us to recognize that the vote is not just for the people running, but for those who no longer can vote. It’s the people of color who are no longer with us because their lives were ended by police brutality,” said Glenn Singleton, founder and board chair of CCGF, and president and founder of Pacific Educational Group. “We’re voting for them.”

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